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Landlord Credit Bureau is a credit reporting agency, most commonly known as a bureau. Landlord Credit Bureau accepts rental history data and enables access to such information for screening purposes.

You can view your Tenant Record free of charge. It is important to review your Tenant Record for accuracy, if you find an inaccuracy please let us know. To view your Tenant Record for free click here.

LCB’s Tenant Records provide Tenants with a verified rental history they can use to skip the line and get picked first for their next home. A Tenant Record can be shared with future Landlords in combination with your credit report. If you have a thin credit report or a poor credit score you can still show future landlords they can trust you by giving them a positive Tenant Record from Landlord Credit Bureau.

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Questions About Landlord Credit Bureau

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Landlord Credit Bureau (“LCB”) is a credit and consumer reporting agency, commonly known as a Credit Bureau.

LCB is a unique Credit Bureau and was formed solely to serve the rental housing industry by supporting both Landlords and Tenants.

LCB maintains a database of verified Tenant Records. LCB verifies the identity of each landlord prior to accepting Tenant Records to prevent the fraudulent references prevalent in the rental housing industry today. As a result, LCB Tenant Records are uniquely valuable for Landlords when screening applicants and for helping Tenants access housing by showing a positive rental history despite any poor credit or no credit.

In addition to rental payment history, Tenant Records contain the verified contact information for previous Landlords. Tenants can seek out Landlords who use Landlord Credit Bureau knowing they are actively helping them build a positive Tenant Record.

A LCB Tenant Record is a record of current and former rental history which includes rental payment history (e.g. on-time, late, debts), identity verified past and present Landlords’ contact information, and inquiries.

If debts are owed, Landlord Credit Bureau encourages Landlords and Tenants to work towards a mutually beneficial payment plan. If a payment plan is in place and a Tenant is paying according to the plan, no debts may be reported to Landlord Credit Bureau. Payments according to the payment plan should be recorded as being paid on time and the Tenant can use them to build a positive Tenant Record. However, if a Tenant stops paying according to the payment plan, the total outstanding debt may be recorded.

If a Tenant believes a debt is being reported when there is a payment plan in place, please follow our dispute process outline here. When submitting please attach a copy of the payment plan signed by both parties and proof of payment.

Prior to reporting to Landlord Credit Bureau review our Legal Framework. Landlord Credit Bureau accepts rental history data from FrontLobby. Both Landlords and Tenants can create an account on FrontLobby to initiate rent reporting.

Start reporting rent payments to Landlord Credit Bureau by visiting FrontLobby.

Landlord Credit Bureau is the rental housing industry’s Credit Bureau. LCB was formed solely to serve the rental housing industry by supporting both Landlords and Tenants.

Working with Landlords and Property Managers of all sizes, LCB enables rental history data to show on a Tenant Record.

For Tenants with poor credit or no credit, but a history of always paying rent, they find it harder to secure housing. A Tenant Record enables Tenants who may otherwise be overlooked, to show potential Landlords that despite a low credit score, they are a responsible and should be rented to.

When Landlords report to Landlord Credit Bureau they are actively helping their responsible Tenants build a positive Tenant Record. Reporting to LCB also helps Landlords reduce their delinquencies and recover rental debts.

Landlord Credit Bureau is a registered reporting agency and strives to assist Tenants with the creation of beneficial Tenant Records, protect Tenants from inaccurate information being reported, as well as help Landlords who might otherwise resort to reporting to an illegal Tenant blacklist.

For the benefit and protection of Landlords, Property Managers and Tenants, there are protections in place to help ensure that usage is compliant with relevant legislation, that the data provided is accurate, and that all users identifications are verified. There is also a dispute resolution process available should there be any concerns.

For additional details on compliance, read Landlord Credit Bureau’s Legal Framework.

Landlord Credit Bureau does not maintain any blacklists. Landlord Credit Bureau is a credit and consumer reporting agency, neutrally incorporating positive and negative rental history information into Tenant Records. Landlord Credit Bureau provides a formal and regulated mechanism and is improving the accessibility and transparency of the rental ecosystem which we hope will eliminate the unfair and illegal blacklists in existence.

Just as important as the ability to report delinquent behavior, is the capability for Landlords and Property Managers to report responsible behavior from Tenants who uphold their commitments and should be rewarded.

Over 94% of the Tenant Records with Landlord Credit Bureau are for responsible Tenants who do not owe any debts, and their Landlords are assisting with the benefits of positive Tenant Records.

Tenants can access their Landlord Credit Bureau Tenant Record for free by submitting a Tenant Record Request Form and documentation to verify their identity.

After receiving a Tenant Record Request Form, Landlord Credit Bureau will email or mail the consumer their Tenant Record or inform them if no record was found.

You may request your Tenant Record here.

Due to the evolving economic and regulatory landscape around eviction moratoriums, rental assistance, and rental payment policies, Landlord Credit Bureau does not allow landlords or property managers to report Covid- 19 pandemic debts in the United States. This policy is to ensure Landlords and Tenants are protected and compliant with local regulations.

A Covid-19 debt is defined as unpaid rent caused by the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and incurred between January 31, 2020, and September 30, 2021.

In the case of debts, we encourage all parties to explore government programs for rental payment assistance or to explore a payment plan option.

If the debt was not caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, or there is a monetary judgment or ruling, or the debtor has violated the agreed upon payment plan, then debts may be reported to Landlord Credit Bureau.

Additional information on the US CARES Act can be found here.

LCB Tenant Records are accessible to Landlords and Property Managers for rental housing screening purposes through our reseller Frontlobby.

Landlords can access LCB’s database by pulling a Credit Report from FrontLobby. FrontLobby’s Credit Reports include a detailed Equifax Credit Report with credit score, as well as a Tenant Record from Landlord Credit Bureau.

Tenant Records are ID verified records which include payment history and the contact information for current and previous Landlords.

Start screening Tenants by obtaining a Credit Report from FrontLobby.