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   Increase On-time Payments
   Reduce Time Spent Chasing Rent
   Lower Eviction Rates
   Recover Tenant Debt
   Help Your Tenants Build Credit


   Improve or Rebuild Credit
   Establish a Preferred Tenant Record
   Monitor Rental Records
   Secure the Place You Want
   Get the Credit You Deserve

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Tenant Credit Reporting
Empowering 30,000+ landlords and property managers with the tools to reward responsible tenants, motivate positive payment habits, and introduce rent payments to credit reports.

Eliminate Rent Debt


reduction in payment delinquencies

Attract the Right Tenant


prefer a property with rent reporting

Protect Your Rental Property


saved per tenant eviction

Landlord Credit Bureau Reviews

What our members are saying

Getting setup on the program was very easy, and when we reviewed my credit report after the first month of setting it up my credit score had increased 37 points. I was shocked it would have such a positive impact on my credit score in such a short amount of time.

Jarrad, Tenant
I noticed in my tenant’s rental application that her credit was poor. Aside from that, she was a good fit for my property and I offered her the unit.

When I learned about LCB and their rent reporting feature I immediately thought of my tenant and how this could help her. We signed up and within the first couple of months she saw an improvement to her credit score! She has been encouraged by this and more motivated than ever to continue making her on-time rent payments.

Brandon, Landlord
I just checked my credit score, and it has increased by over 40 points. Didn’t you just sign me up a month ago? THANK YOU!

Darren, Tenant
My existing tenants are excited to hear that their biggest expense each month (rent) will now be reflected in their credit report. Likewise, they are aware of the consequences if they don't pay future rent on time.

Steve, Landlord
As part of the 4 Pillars process, helping clients deal with debt is only the first step. What is equally important is the ongoing support and education we provide to ensure our clients never face financial challenges again. A critical part of the process is to immediately start helping our clients improve their credit score and credit profile. 75% of our clients are renters and dream of owning their own home, to which credit can be a major barrier. Adding Landlord Credit Bureau to our credit rebuilding program has been a hugely positive experience for our clients with much better than expected results.

4 Pillars Consulting Group
A few months ago we had a landlord hire us as their PM company. Their tenants were continually late with rent and advised her they could not pay until the 18th. After signing them up for LCB rent came early last month and this month ... worked for us!

Allison, Property Manager
We had over $140k of bad debt, that we pretty well had given up on. Within a couple of months we collected on debts that will pay our LCB for the next 5 years. I'm looking towards the day all landlords are using LCB.

Gord, Landlord
I have 2 tenants who are new to the country and no credit. This is a perfect program to help them get established and build credit…. I'm a new landlord and I feel this elevates my status by doing something nice for my tenants.

Kamal, Landlord
Within the first 7 minutes I had a phone call from the first tenant apologizing for forgetting about the invoices and agreeing to a repayment plan.

East Vista Management has recently implemented the services of the Landlord Credit Bureau to help tenants build their Tenant Record and the feedback has been incredible!

Kim, Property Manager
My landlord signed me up which I am happy about. I never knew it even existed which I’m happy it does since my credit was average. Knowing it would help me grow it would be amazing. I’ve seen an increase since they have been reporting. I’m extremely comfortable with how they went and asked me about it.

Patrick, Tenant
I'm asking my landlord to sign up for this currently (LCB)!!

I've been paying on time and in full for 3 years, I'd love it to go towards my credit score.

Candice, Tenant
I inform my tenants in the application and on their lease that I use the services of the LCB. Just doing that has helped me weed out bad tenants and has helped 2 of my tenants purchase their own homes with their good credit history. Win-win.

Carlo, Landlord
This is a fantastic value-added tool that we're excited to be using. As property managers, it helps to reduce our risk but the bonus is that our clients and our tenants gain just as much from it as we do.

Jason, Vionell Holdings
I was really excited to hear that I could improve me credit standing through submitting rental reports. It has been effortless, and I'm happy to report I'm very glad about the service I receive with The Landlord Credit Bureau. It was easy to get my landlord on board, and the LCB makes it very user friendly and easy to submit reports. Thank you!

Stephanie, Tenant
I would like to express my best gratitude to the LCB team who sincerely devoted time and knowledge to lift a tremendous stress of which engulfed and under shadowed all of my daily and routine life. With their instruction and directions, I received my whole debt ($13,350). We infinitely appreciate LCB and recommend it. Many thanks again.

Mohammad, Landlord
We've signed up, and I've been bringing it up with some existing tenants and also prospective tenants during showings. Most seem to really be receptive to the idea. Right now we have a few first generation immigrants that have been longtime tenants and I really like the idea of being able to reward them for their excellent behavior. They have been really good to work with and it goes against the spirit of credit they are not rewarded for their upstanding behavior.

Trevor, Property Manager

Compliant with federal and local credit reporting requirements

Tenant Credit Reporting via Identity Verification


Identity verification to ensure integrity


Data security and privacy are top priority


Complies with or exceeds the requirements under governing legislation

Who Is Talking About Us

“Renters finally catch a break, can now use rent payments to build credit.”

“… make renting an essential part of building up your credit.”
“… significantly benefit some who have struggled to build credit.”

“The ability to report rent payments to a credit bureau benefits both landlords and tenants.”

“We should be giving credit to consumers for paying their rent on time.”

“…this embedded integration will result in significant savings for members while also reducing their risk..”

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