Landlord Credit Bureau

Stop Delinquencies and
Reward Responsible Tenants


   Network of landlords and property managers
   Access the Tenant Records database
   Register on tenant credit reports
   New benefits for good behavior
   Consequences for delinquency


   Report Your Rent Payments
   Build a good Tenant Record
   Skip the line, get the place you want
   Monitor your records
   Authenticate and rate your landlords

30,000+ Landlords & Property Managers


Of delinquent tenants stop being delinquent


Of tenants benefit when rent payments are reported as on time


Of renters would be more likely to choose your property if rent payments were reported

Before using the services of the Landlord Credit Bureau, I had two previous tenants who had money owing for utilities and repairs. Within the first 7 minutes I had a phone call from the first tenant apologizing for "forgetting about the invoices" and agreeing to a repayment plan. The second tenant contacted me within the first day and repaid his invoice in full within two weeks.

Landlord, Chicago

I have 2 tenants who are new to the country and no credit. This is a perfect program to help them get established and build credit. I'm a new landlord and I feel this elevates my status by doing something nice for my tenants.

Landlord, Michigan

I add the Lease Clauses to every new application. All my tenants know I report rent payments to LCB and understand this can help them with future credit needs.

Landlord, Virginia

It takes a few minutes per month and saves me hours of time and the migraines from chasing bad tenants.

Landlord, New Jersey

When I moved, I brought LCB to my new landlord hoping they would start reporting my rent. Now I can build my credit without any extra effort.

Tenant, Florida

99% of our tenants pay on time, using LCB rewards these tenants and sets us apart from other property management companies. We get the best tenants because of LCB!

Property Manager, Illinois

Compliant with federal and local credit reporting requirements

Report Tenant Rent

How it works

  1. Landlord records past or present tenancy
  2. Tenant receives Welcome Email so they can login and check their record
  3. Landlord has option for tenant to receive monthly reminder emails
  4. If rent is paid on-time, tenant builds a positive rent history
  5. If rent is not paid on-time or there are other problems, tenant’s record will show that delinquency and their tenant history is impacted
  6. Everyone’s identity is securely verified and there are multiple protections in place to ensure accuracy of information and to handle any disputes
  7. Landlords search the Tenant Records database and avoid bad tenants (Coming Soon)
  8. Good tenants can share their reports to get priority the next time they rent

We help landlords & tenants report rent payments


We verify everyone's identity to ensure integrity.


Data security & privacy are top priority.


Complies with or exceeds the requirements under governing legislation.

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