Landlord Credit Bureau

Report Bad Tenants

The quandary for the residential rental industry has always been … How do I report a bad tenant? There has never been a tenant registry that a landlord or property manager could report tenant rent payment to. Bad or good.

Now Landlord Credit Bureau (USA) and Landlord Credit Bureau (Canada) allow landlords and property mangers to report rent payment that benefits good tenants and negatively impacts bad or high-risk tenants.

Reporting bad tenants or high-risk tenants is easy with Landlord Credit Bureau, and it mitigates risk of rental income loss. Tenants are charged a small annual to monitor their account and receive valu added products from a major credit bureau.

Bad or high-risk tenants make up a small population of tenants, but as the saying goes, a few spoil it for many. It only takes one bad tenant to wipe out a year‘s worth of rental income profit. That alone should dictate that landlords and property managers report rent payments to Landlord Credit Bureau to identify high and low risk.

So how to report a bad tenant… is easy with the Landlord Credit Bureau. Networking with other landlords and property managers, minimizes risk of rental income loss, identifies good tenants, and weeds out the bad ones.